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About Us

“The greatest wealth is health.”

Dedicated to excellence in patient care, we provide programs and courses to enhance the knowledge, skills and functions of healtcare professionals, ancillary support staff and organizations with the ultimate goal of advancing knowledge and improving health outcomes.

We provide a variety of services and many international, cross-cultural education programs at home and abroad including:

  • Education programs for medical professionals worldwide (CME, Degrees)
  • Preparation for licensing exams (NCLEX, USMLE, NRE)
  • Development and coordination of Service lines and Centers of Excellence
  • Assessment & Establishment of hospital operations
  • Total quality improvement
  • International medical professional staffing and recruitment

We have a strong network of relationships with leading universities and hospitals throughout the United States, including Harvard, Cornell , Columbia and others. We work with our US partners to design and deliver our programs in the Middle East, and to provide education, clinical and management experiences in the US for Middle Eastern professionals.

Our Mission

To enable healthcare providers and organizations to maximize their potential by provide exceptional patient care through educational, operational and quality programes.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of global healthcare by providing premium education opportunities to healthcare professionals and hospitals

Our Values

Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism.


American Health’s headquarters is located in Rockefeller Center, New York, United States. We also have branch offices in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom.