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Emergency Fellowships

American Health Emergency Fellowships

Emergency management principles are used by all local, state and national disaster and emergency response teams in the United States and hospitals and healthcare must coordinate and exercise with response partners operating outside the hospital. Working with faculty experts from American Health’s affiliated institutions such as Harvard Medical School and Mt. Sinai Medical Center, American Health’s Fellowship program provides medical students, emergency medical physicians and emergency medical responders who work outside of the hospital to gain an in-depth understanding of emergency medical operations in an academic medical center environment. American Health’s Fellowship programs selects a maximum of 5 individuals every 6 months to participate. Fellows are given the opportunity to take part in hands-on, operationally focused projects and participate in various emergency activities that nurture professional growth.

American Health offers two different Fellowship opportunities:

1. Emergency Medical Services / Disaster management Fellowship

2. Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

Medical Services /Disaster Management Details

The Emergency Medical Services / Disaster management Fellowship is a three-month, six-month or one-year experience designed to provide:
• An understanding of EMS systems and system design
• Administrative experience in operating an EMS system
• Clinical observation of the provision of care in the field
• Clinical experience in medical oversight to an EMS System
• An overview of the principles of incident command, hazard and risk analysis
• Exposure to coordinated healthcare sector planning and hospital exercises

Emergency Ultrasound Details

Bedside ultrasound (US) has been utilized in the emergency department setting for nearly 3 decades. In 1994, the Society for Academic Medicine (SAEM) proposed a bedside US curriculum consisting of 40 hours of didactic training and 150 proctored US examinations. In 2008 the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) updated published guidelines describing the scope of emergency US applications as well as recommendations for initial training to include 16 hours of didactic content and a minimum of 150 proctored scans. Many centers have noted the need for increased training in ultrasound beyond residency, and American Health now provides a six-month fellowship experience that provides:
• Clinical experience in bedside ultrasonography
• Administrative experience in running an ultrasound program
• Opportunity for scholarly activities in ultrasound
• Mentorship by experienced faculty at Harvard and Mt. Sinai
• Experience in resident and medical student education Individuals that have an interest in the above American Health Fellowship programs are encouraged to complete the American Health Education and Training Application.

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